In Tandore, there are 2 things to see – the Brihadishwara temple, known locally as ‘Big Temple’, and the palace. Tanjore was the former capital of the mighty Chola empire, with the greatest Chola emperor, Raja Raja (985-1014), responsible for the construction of the Brihadishwara temple. Around the walls of the temple’s courtyard are beautiful […]

Today we drove from Pondicherry to Tanjore stoping off at Chidambaram, Kumbakonam & Gangaikondacholapuram. We left the coast, heading inland to Tanjore stopping to visit impressive temples. Chidambaram was once the capital of the Cholas from 907 to 1310. Today, it is one of the holiest Hindu sites in South India. The ancient city considered […]

Today we further explored Pondicherry. The Muslim Quarter – with a number of buildings with wooden balconies and shaded pavements. The French quarter – with the Governor’s building overlooking a park which is where a memorial to a harlot got Pondicherry into the Guinness book of records. It also is in there because 55 languages […]

We drove from Chennai to Pondicherry stopping at Mahabalipuram. On the way there we saw pelicans. About that: a UNESCO World Heritage Site noted for its incredible rock formations, temples and carvings. This magnificent area has the largest bas relief, referred to as ‘Arjuna’s Penance’, a 29-metre high site that depicts life-size figures of animals, […]

We arrived safely in Chennai after a long journey via Bangkok. There was a cyclone last week, so sadly a lot of trees have been damaged. After dosa & idly for breakfast, – these are some of the places we visited: San Thome Basilicai. The cathedral is named after St Thomas the apostle, martyred here […]

We are studying pop art, so thought an Andy Warhol exhibition might be interesting further education. High expectations Expectations reset Intrigued Wondering if there is any more variety …. No, there wasn’t – 102 pictures virtually the same     Choosing our favourite – here it is: So decided to go to the cinema! Fantastic […]

We started our holiday staying in central Saigon, with a tour of secret alleyways and the location where, during the war, weapons were stored by Viet Cong Commandos from team 5 in readiness for the Tet Offensive on 30 January 1968 – it was recognised as a national historical site in 1988. We saw fantastic […]

Summer 2016 This Summer we went on lots of fun outings… Pennfest (10,000 people) Ace cafe with Grandpa and his motorbike Canal Museum Fitzwilliam Museum Scott polar research institute Wimpole Estate We also went to several other (larger) places Cambridge We stayed in Cambridge for two nights and we went to all the famous places… […]

Clue number 1:  We saw that the (horrid & smelly) dumpling shop opposite our front door have been moving out all the furniture and kitchen equipment. Clue number 2: Last night Dad saw a large lorry delivering breeze blocks and tipping them out on the side of the road. Perhaps an extension to the great […]