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We are studying pop art, so thought an Andy Warhol exhibition might be interesting further education. High expectations Expectations reset Intrigued Wondering if there is any more variety …. No, there wasn’t – 102 pictures virtually the same     Choosing our favourite – here it is: So decided to go to the cinema! Fantastic […]

Ready for Inner Mongolia!

What is going on?

Clue number 1:  We saw that the (horrid & smelly) dumpling shop opposite our front door have been moving out all the furniture and kitchen equipment. Clue number 2: Last night Dad saw a large lorry delivering breeze blocks and tipping them out on the side of the road. Perhaps an extension to the great […]

Triple Chocolate Brownies

Today I had a school holiday because of the Dragon boat festival. Tomorrow there is a party at school for year 9, and I will be selling the best brownies in Shanghai to raise money for the Tanzania expedition (as I need to raise at least ¥3000) which I am hoping to go on next […]

Photography Competition – Results

Dear readers, As I posted a few days ago, I entered seven of my pictures into two different competitions. I am proud to say that two of my photos were nominated for the Young Eyes Photography Competition by UrbanFamily. So, I attended the awards ceremony today: Here I am standing next to my picture of […]

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

On Friday we went to see Mukeng bamboo forest. We walked around for about an hour – mostly up steps! There was lots of bamboo (noooo!) and it was the bamboo forest where scenes from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon were filmed. After our trek, we went to a tea plantation/factory/shop, where we were taught how […]

Xidi – Xiuli – Lucun – (old villages)

Yesterday, we visited Xidi (another UNESCO site) which is very popular with art students. There was no Starbucks, but we did go to “Xidi Thirsty Lounge”. There was a lot of drying pig products, in case anyone fancied a snack. We didn’t. It can be tiring having so many visitors. It was a bit like […]

Hongcun village

Following more UNESCO world heritage sites, we went to Hongcun village. They say: The traditional non-urban settlements of China, which have to a very large extent disappeared during the twentieth century, are exceptionally well preserved in the villages of Xidi and Hongcun. The two villages are graphic illustrations of a type of human settlement created […]

黄山 – Yellow Mountain

We are away for a few days, and we decided to visit Huang Shan – or Yellow Mountain. We went up the cable car, walked around for a bit and then came back down again. We then got a bus to the “hot springs”, where we then walked up loads of steps to another cable […]

Photography Competition Submissions

Dear Readers, After collecting the results from the poll in my last blog post, I have narrowed down the photos I will enter to seven. Some were the top scorers in the poll, others were my personal favourites. Here are the final entrants for the competition, edited and cropped to look the best they can […]