What is going on?

Clue number 1: 

We saw that the (horrid & smelly) dumpling shop opposite our front door have been moving out all the furniture and kitchen equipment.


All the dumpling shop equipment on our doorstep

Clue number 2:

Last night Dad saw a large lorry delivering breeze blocks and tipping them out on the side of the road. Perhaps an extension to the great wall?

Clue number 3:

Today when Dad went to buy oranges, he had trouble getting into the shop as it had been partly bricked up (we did get oranges). Here are some pictures of the road:



New grey wall with window


Riot police lined up outside



Builders putting up a wall, door and window at the front of the fruit shop


Clue number 4:

This email from our estate agent:

“Heard from landlord that recently government is taking action on taking away illegal construction/building setting up along the street.”

Our thoughts:

  • Were riot police really necessary?
  • Will we have to walk more than 20 metres to buy oranges?
  • Will the hardware shop and fruit shop stay open?

From, Thomas


  1. Why don’t our policemen in UK get issued with umbrellas? It’s a national disgrace.


  2. Diane Hawkings · · Reply

    The problem is you are all trying to understand a different culture, which is impossible. However, a smaller entrance to the shop increases security. Modern times – simple.
    Of course the dumplings and oranges may be going and the shop is turning into a house.
    Please keep us informed.


    1. So far all of the shops are open – just with an added door and window


  3. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Not sure what to think – all a bit of a puzzle. Maybe they are just modernising their shop – then perhaps you will be able to supply them with chocolate brownies to sell – you could become famous over night!
    How did your sale at school go last week – was it a success?


    1. Today I finished selling all of the brownies – lots of money raised!


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