Triple Chocolate Brownies

Today I had a school holiday because of the Dragon boat festival. Tomorrow there is a party at school for year 9, and I will be selling the best brownies in Shanghai to raise money for the Tanzania expedition (as I need to raise at least ¥3000) which I am hoping to go on next year.

In total I made 100 brownies, and they took about two and a half hours to make.

From, Thomas


  1. Taste nice?
    Can I order 4?


  2. Diane Hawkings · · Reply

    Wow Thomas, they look fantastic. Would you make some to sell to relatives, friends and neighbours when you are in the UK? Pretty please.


    1. Of course! How many would “my relatives” like?


  3. Granny Devon · · Reply

    My goodness Thomas – hope you had some help! What a lot of eggs, chocolate, butter etc. must have cost someone a fortune! they look delicious – I expect that you had to test each batch to make sure that they were all perfect! Well done and I hope that you reach your target.


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