Photography Competition – Results

Dear readers,

As I posted a few days ago, I entered seven of my pictures into two different competitions. I am proud to say that two of my photos were nominated for the Young Eyes Photography Competition by UrbanFamily. So, I attended the awards ceremony today:

Here I am standing next to my picture of the wet market – nominated in the “colour” category.

And here I am with my photo nominated for “cityscape/landscape”

And I am extremely proud to say that my picture in the colour category WON FIRST PLACE!!!

(I made some really weird faces as I was quite nervous!)

So I won quite a lot of prizes. For being nominated (twice) I won eight bottles of “Sachi juice” (if anyone has ever heard of these, please can you tell me?) and some spongebob squarepants merchandise (not exactly what I was expecting). And then for winning first place, I received a crate of a further 10 bottles of juice, a portable camera cleaning kit, a selfie stick, free entry and drink at the camera history museum, a mini tripod and ¥500 cash (about £55).

And I am still waiting to hear back from the other competition I entered!

From, Thomas.



  1. fantastic!


  2. Paul Curtis · · Reply

    Well done Thomas, I’m sure Dad can rustle up a cocktail with the juice ! Are you selling signed prints yet as I’ll buy one ?


  3. Diane Hawkings · · Reply

    Hey didn’t you do well. Congratulations, I am particularly pleased as I think I put both these pics on my list. Enjoy your juice and take care – it might make you hyper!!!


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