Xidi – Xiuli – Lucun – (old villages)

Yesterday, we visited Xidi (another UNESCO site) which is very popular with art students. There was no Starbucks, but we did go to “Xidi Thirsty Lounge”.

There was a lot of drying pig products, in case anyone fancied a snack. We didn’t.

It can be tiring having so many visitors.

It was a bit like Venice.

We then visited Xiuli which is a village used for making films – we will be watching some Chinese films when we get back to Shanghai!

This is the village closest to our hotel. We visited the houses of 6 wives & a school. Some wives were more favoured than others! This is a heated chair. You sit inside it while hot charcoal is placed in the grate below. I suppose that it would be very effective, although it could double as a barbeque.

From, Thomas.

One comment

  1. Diane Hawkings · · Reply

    Good job you explained the chair – I thought it was a boat.
    Think I will stay off pork today!


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