Philippines for Christmas

We flew to Manilla & then took a short flight to the island of Negros. I met the pilots when we landed.

Christmas Day
Father Christmas found us & in my stocking was Lego (architecture – The Eiffel Tower), the last 2 state quarters for my collection & bananas. We spent Christmas Day on the beach, swimming in the pool & building the Eiffel Tower – exhausting!

Apo Island
Why did we go? To swim with big turtles & snorkelling
Some facts: it is a 72 hectare, 200 meter high volcanic island off the southeast coast of Negros Island. It has 5 pocket beaches & 2 mangrove lagoons and a lighthouse. It has 63.1% average total coral cover.
To get there we took a local bus

then a short walk to the beach & to find someone with a boat. It was a bumpy 30 min ride & we had to hang on tightly (& got very splashed). We saw an excellent sunset on the way back from the boat – which means we got back to Negros in the dark!

Dumaguette city & Countryside tour
Why did we go? To find out more about Dumaguette or the “City of Gentle People”.
We went with a guide called Pen who told us a lot of history. We visited the historical Sta. Catalina de Alexandria church, Silliman University with century old acacia trees, a world war 2 museum/collection of things a man had found since he was 5 years old and a forest camp in Valencia & tried some local treats.

Cebu & Sumilon Islands
Why did we go? To see up close “tuki” or whale sharks & snorkelling in a marine sanctuary
To get there we took a car & Ro-Ro from Dumaguette, then small boats. We borrowed an underwater camera, so I hope we have some good pictures!
(More photos to follow, when the Internet speed is a little faster!)

From Thomas


  1. What’s that green thing? Looks like cucumber or a choc/lime sweet…..


    1. Not really sure – it was called phutphutkaphut – a bit coconut flavour


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Glad you are enjoying your latest adventure. The Eiffel Tower is very impressive – excellent job. Happy New Year to all when it comes xxx


  3. Granny Devon · · Reply

    A very different way to spend Christmas! The Eiffel Tower looks a little bit out of place by the pool!


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