, Sabah
River Kinabatangan

We are in Borneo and have been exploring rivers and rain forests looking for animals and birds. So far we have seen …….

– orangutans (in the wild & in a rescue/rehabilitation centre) – Borneo pigmy elephants (about 16 on the river bank)
– Proboscis monkeys (the adult males have very unusual noses) – lots of other monkeys
– sun bears (in a rescue centre; they are the smallest bears in the world) – pigs (including “Junior” who joined us for breakfast)
– crocodiles (mostly at night & not too big)
– fire flies (that lit up trees like Xmas trees)
– birds (not our expertise, but included rhinocerous horn bills, purple herons, green emperial pigeons, white bellied fish eagles, kingfishers, crested goshawk, egret, Bornean kite, blue fly catcher, swiftlets)

Here are some photos:



From Thomas


  1. pcurtis2012 · · Reply

    For some reason the ‘ white bellied fish eagle ‘ you saw reminded me of your dad when he is back in England looking for favourite fish and chips !!
    I’d love to go to Borneo, hope you’re having a great trip


  2. Granny Devon · · Reply

    I love all the wonderful pictures. You must be having such a lovely and interesting holiday. Look forward to hearing more about it.


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