The Day I met Mike Gatting

We have been wandering around different parts of Shanghai and have seen some really weird and wonderful things. The first thing we saw is a rather interesting new hair accessory trend – looks like plants are growing from your head. An hour later, we had seen so many so we got a pea shoot for Dad.


Some other weird things include these ******* adverts. Can you guess what they are advertising (without looking too closely)?


The Sunday before last, as it was a really sunny day outside, we went inside and stood in the rain. Literally.

The appropriately named “Rain room” showered water from the ceiling, but sensors all around the room stopped the water flow in a circle around where you were standing, so you didn’t get wet!


The rain room

Dad in The rain room (above)


“Liquidus” by Huang Yuxing – also at the same exhibition

At school our ECAs (after school clubs) have started.

  • On Monday’s I am carrying on with Enterprise club 
  • On Tuesday’s I am doing Cryptology club (at the end of September we will enter the national cryptology competition run by GCHQ – my computer science teacher [who is running the ECA] used to be a cryptologist for MI6!)
  • On Thursday’s I am doing Journalism club
  • On Friday’s I am playing Rugby
On Mum’s birthday, Dada took us to an abattoir ………..
The Abattoir - Mum's birthday treat!
and then we went to Pudong! We stayed in the Shanghai World Financial Centre (the bottle opener) on the 83rd floor, and we had some good views [when it was not raining] from
our room,
the bar,
& the swimming pool (no photos taken there!).
On Saturday, I went to a cricket workshop at school run by Mike Gatting & he scribbled on my hat!
This weekend we had some friends over for cocktails, curry & moustaches.
That’s it for the last few weeks!


  1. I am concerned that after your cryptology club I may not be able to decipher your future posts. Can you start with easy ones please ? It sounds like a really interesting thing to do.


  2. Granny Devon · · Reply

    You seem to be doing a lot of extras – what do you do on wednesdays?
    I hope that you will still have time to do your homework!


  3. Diane Hawkings · · Reply

    What you need to know is when you say don’t look Granny fixit will do just that! So the adverts seem to be about (**CENSORED**) in various forms.
    Your cricket hat needs to be looked after as it could increase in value with the autograph.
    Love the rain pics.


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