Back in Shanghai

Back in Shanghai

We have now been back in Shanghai for nearly three weeks, and we have already seen some weird things out and about. Some memorable, but not always in the most positive way.

Things we tried after reading “Time Out”:
1) We went to the wholesale stationary market, but saving 30% by cutting out the middle man really isn’t worth it. We got some good yellow/black stripy tape though.
2) We tried “Taste Buds” cocktail bar, the first place in Shanghai with Monkey 47 gin, so Mum was very happy.


3) We visited the WORLD’S FIRST spiral escalator! Probably not worth coming all the way to Shanghai to see, but good if you are passing by.

Image-3 Image-2

4) We tried this weird Buddha-cucumber-melon thing from the fruit shop (the renshengguo)
It tastes like cucumber, but is sweet, more like a melon but bitter at the same time!

Image-4 Image-5

5) Finally, imagine my surprise when I saw this!


Aug 22 was my first day back at school, but I didn’t actually arrive! Flash flooding due to Typhoon Goni meant that the bus had to reverse out of the slipway, back to the highway – with the help of the police – after being stuck in traffic for two and a half hours. Total time on the bus: 5 and a quarter hours. NEVER AGAIN! Take 2 of the first day back was very ordinary compared to the day before. School was very familiar as I had the same class (except for three newbies), same form teacher, same classroom and the same house. The only thing different was my locker! (which is in a new location).

Image-7 Image-8 Image-9

Other things I did/saw

I saw a shop assistant painting her nails with the nail varnish for sale (also another was squeezing her spots in the same shop, but that was too gross for this blog)


We saw a small Gecko in our house – yeah – we have a pet!


And, you may remember one of my posts a while ago about a sign of a car with a fire on top, but we finally know what it means! Do you think you can guess from the list below?


And of course, most recently, there has been a huge military parade in Beijing. (For some reason this has made Dad more grumpy than usual).
There is a public holiday Sep 3 & 4, so I have a long weekend. We watched bits of the parade on television (BBC & CNN) but television at home wasn’t how all of the locals watched it …….

Image-13 Image-14

Every single bus stop in Shanghai was broadcasting the live footage of the speech and parade! We even saw a much bigger broadcast (but with no sound) by the entrance to our local hospital.

That’s it for this week,
Thomas Roberts


  1. Granny Devon · · Reply

    The weird cucumber thing looks more like soap on a rope. I’m not tempted!
    I like your new pet – what’s his name?


  2. Nice escalator….
    Hope you didn’t get too much homework!


  3. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Wow, congrats to Bromley – he is now famous!
    I don’t think I fancy eating a Buddha and wonder how they grow it, but I do fancy a ride on the spiral elevator – reminds me of a helter- skelter, my favourite at fairs (a long time ago!!)


    1. They grow the Buddha fruits on small shrubs and once a small fruit appears they attach a mould around it – very clever! > >


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