Summer Holiday 2015

So, I know I really haven’t been posting much recently – during the holidays it was well, a …….. Holiday ……. and before the holidays there was not much time to squeeze in a blog in the hectic weeks of the end of the school year. This is going to be a summary of the last month or so that we spent in England. I know how much you all like lists, so most of this is – just lists. By the way, I don’t really know why I mentioned “Summer” holiday – as it rained quite a lot and it was so cold I had to wear a jumper! Anyway here it is ……..

  • New things I did/learned how to do
  • Mum taught me how to pea (shell peas in pods) – properly
  • Made stewed rhubarb and rhubarb crumble
  • Slept in a tent (at the bottom of Curtley’s garden) – it was the night before Dad belatedly celebrated his 50th birthday party – so I was a bit tired for that
  • I tried beef Wellington at Simpsons in the strand – which was delicious! It is a very old restaurant in part of the Savoy hotel and there were lots of Japanese and Chinese tourists looking very happy and taking lots of pictures of the carvery and huge Yorkshire puddings


  • Made a beeswax candle at the Chiltern open air Museum – it was an interesting museum, with old buildings and some very nice sheep 🐏

image 2

  • Plumbing – as usual, when Dad starts a short job – finishing the painting we started last year in the laundry shed – which turned into a complete renovation when the washing machine broke down (Mum’s washing machine of 24 years!), so we bought a new one, repainted EVERYTHING, resprayed the boiler, retiled the floor, renovated the toilet seat and remodelled the cupboard, replaced the sink and taps and put in a tap outside the shed!


  • Mum taught me how to sew on a button


  • Saw Freya having her hair cut (for charity/a wig, so I didn’t just decide to come along and watch a normal hair cut – it was a very big haircut)

image 4

New places I went to (not in any order):

  • Pinewood cinema – imagine a cinema with no adverts, no sweet popcorn smell, coffee and wine and in the middle of Pinewood Studios (we went with Granny Devon to watch Mr. Holmes)
  • The Watercress line – a brilliant working steam engine railway line
  • The London Motor Museum (with my cousin Patrick)
  • The cockpit of Virgin Atlantic’s plane named Dream Girl (from London)
  • The Coach, Marlow – our neighbour, Tom Kerridge’s new pub (no reservations!)
  • Sindhu, a new Indian restaurant at the Compleat Angler

Exciting and other notable things I did:

  • Watched the flypast over the Mall of the RAF spitfires, hurricanes and typhoons for the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain

image 5

  • Dad and I went to PennFest (with the Curtleys, Nikki K etc)

image 6

Nikki had a laugh when dad was snoozing

Nikki had a laugh when dad was snoozing


  • Dad and I cleaned out Granny’s shed a bit more – now it’s only the useful-ish stuff left
  • Having the best fish and chips at the Old Queen’s Head in Penn with the Curtley’s
  • Going to the cinema and watching Inside Out with my cousins
  • Going to the cinema and watching Minions with my cousins (twice)


  • Completing a sailing course this year – and earned my Stage 2 certificate
  • Dad, Mum and I went to see Les Misérables and Miss Saigon (Musicals) in London



  • Also while we were in London we went the bar at the top of the Trafalgar hotel…


  • …and went to a special minion shop in Selfridges


With Special thanks to:

  • Auntie Sarah – for making our house look lovely before we arrived home
  • Polly – for the medlar jelly, the salary for doing a pile of ironing and for being a fabulous host
  • Granny fix-it – for lasagna, scones and chocolate cake
  • Granny Devon – for delicious dinners, cake and a week’s accommodation (a holiday in a holiday)
  • Grandpa – for outings to the watercress line and the model railway, and of course the privilege of watering more than 80 pots (with incentives including samosas)
  • G’pa & Micheline – for taking us out for dinner many times
  • Curtley & Kath – for supervising my first camping trip and cooking us dinner
  • Auntie Claire – for hosting a BBQ party, and for our presents from America
  • Cezary – for treating us to dinner and for giving us the honour of carrying bits of glass all the way back from Shanghai
  • Uncle John – for giving me a tour of the workshops at the watercress line

Thanks to:

  • Everyone else who came to see us
  • Everyone who came to celebrate Dad making it to 50 years old

Sorry to everyone we didn’t see, hope to see you next year when Dad is fully recovered from his operation and strong as normal (but not lifting big plant pots).

From, Thomas

P.S. Thank you to everyone who tried to view my last post, however could not see anything, here is the revised method of posting, rather than through the BETA version of iOS 9.


  1. Granny Devon · · Reply

    I have enjoyed reading your blog listing all the exciting things you did while in the UK. It was great having you to stay with me in Devon and thank you for all your help. I love the beeswax candle which you made at the Chilton open air museum – too good to light so it’s on the side table in my sitting room to be admired!


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    P.s. Extremely impressed with your button sewing. Looks like I am now redundant!


  3. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Glad you enjoyed your food parcel (doggy bag with no dog!)
    Saw Shanghai on the news tonight – looks very very wet so take care.


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