Suzhou Revisited

This week we went away to Suzhou for the weekend as it is Dad’s 50th birthday tomorrow, I had a school half-term holiday & Mum had a holiday for labour day. On Friday we drove to Suzhou and stopped at Suzhou village – owned by the same people as Bicester village – to see the create exhibition that Dad had helped to set up.

I also saw “the dress” (which looked blue and black)


and had a waffle.

Anyone heard of this kind of English waffle before (top of list)?


The teaser post you might have seen (with me in the mini telephone box) was also taken at Suzhou village. There was a lot of stuff about Britain there, and I was rewarded with a few badges for going to lots of different “Best of British” brands.

Yesterday, we went to see the old Suzhou water town and we went over seventeen different bridges.

I tried a new snack – quails eggs on a stick:

before rain really stopped play & we were enticed into a Finnish cafe by the owner who had taught engineering for 12 years at Suzhou University, but on reaching 65 couldn’t work there anymore, so had just opened a cafe with his wife from Finland. He had an impressive collection of drums & we tried his meatballs.

Back at our hotel, after we had dried out a bit, for dinner, we treated Dad to our favourite Peking roast duck – which I thought was AMAZING.

Today, we visited the Suzhou museum – we we saw a lot of old artefacts and surprisingly there was an exhibition on the Vikings. We saw a very old pot (10,000 B.C.), but we thought it wasn’t as good as the pots we made in Moganshan, which arrived on Friday.

In Suzhou there is an iconic building – called “Gate to the East”. We, and the Daily Mail think it looks like a pair of trousers. What do you think?

Other news – my picture with Arush featured in a magazine – City Weekend, which was surprising! (Bottom middle)

And I felt like a celebrity walking around in Suzhou.

Well, that’s all for this week, as I need to wrap up Dad’s present!

From, Thomas

One comment

  1. Diane Hawkings · · Reply

    Thomas, that waffle is huge.
    Love all the union jack flag interpretations – must make you feel at home.


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