Horse Whispering

So, to answer some questions I have received, we have been staying about 3 hours drive from Shanghai – or here:

And here I am making pottery:

And here are some of the pots we made:

We picked our best ones to be fired & we should get them in about 6 weeks time.

Yesterday, I had a horse riding lesson, which was really fun:

And we had a very nice dinner, when I also celebrated my birthday (again):

Today we went for a steep, muddy walk in the bamboo forest:

While we were away we also watched the film Cinderella, which I am rating 🌟🌟 – there’s nothing new in this version of the story!

From, Thomas


  1. Suzie F · · Reply

    Anna Simson – you have competition and quite stiff competition too. . … may be you can get zero hours contract out of Thomas when he comes back this summer? I think he’d make an excellent apprentice..


  2. Diane Hawkings · · Reply

    Your pot making is excellent. Looking forward to seeing the finished article.
    Keep your Mum away from the horses please – we do not want any more accidents or asthma attacks!


  3. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Next time you go to France perhaps you will e able to go pony riding with Benjamin and Anaïs.

    Like the pots. Xxx


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