GREAT few weeks

Since coming back from holiday I have been very busy, but having a GREAT time! For example,

– Making scones (& eating them!)

– Doing homework

(Above) Creating a balanced diet poster!

(Above) helping Mum with Mandarin at catch-up lessons with Berlitz after moving up a class in French & Mandarin

(Above) a poster on Antarctica (with lots of penguins)

– Meeting celebrities

(Above) Jo Malone
(Below) I think you know……..

(Ok… Maybe not exactly, but dad did straighten his cutlery!)

These celebrities were at the Great Festival of Creativity…

– Watching movies

– Celebrating Mother’s Day

Especially good because of this amazing “pudding show”!

It was also very hard to sleep through the noise of firecrackers the first few nights we were back, despite this sign being displayed in our lane:

And the most surprising news is that Dad seems to have accidentally got a job!

From, Thomas


  1. Nice looking scone. Isn’t OJ & lady grey the same? …….. Even the thought of lady grey tea sends me running for PG tips….
    Nice photos esp Paddington.
    Nice biz card!


  2. Congrats on the job Brom 🙂 Tell us more….


  3. I’m very impressed with your balanced diet poster Thomas. Very good indeed.


  4. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Super pictures. All very exciting. Facinated by the exploding pudding!


  5. Diane Hawkings · · Reply

    Thomas, your scones look as good as Granny’s.
    I think there should be a Granny day so that I can get some of your excellent treatment.
    Looking forward to a Jo Malone sample!!!


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