Lazy in Lombok

This week we stayed on Sire Beach in Lombok, which was really brilliant.

This is the view we had at breakfast, afternoon tea, cocktails (sometimes) and when playing Quiddler or building lego:

I had pancakes nearly every day, which meant Mum kept telling the same joke ……

Why does Morrissey hate Shrove Tuesday?
Because there’s pancake on the streets of London

This is where we had drinks and dinner:

We did a lot of swimming, exploring the beach, kayaking and snorkelling. We swam a long way out to a coral reef and saw coloured fish as well as blue and orange star fish.

One morning we got up early to go to a local market and then cooked our own Indonesian lunch (which was delicious)

Hardesty made some new ‘towel’ friends while we were out:

And we watched lizards and boys climbing the coconut tree outside our room.

We were sad to leave ……..

We are now on our way back to Shanghai tonight – so far we are only in Jakata.



  1. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Love all the photographs. Must have been great to see the corals and beautiful coloured fish – and the Indonesian lunch sounds and looks fantastic. Xxx


  2. It looks like you had a brilliant holiday! I did too.


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