Dad’s Chinese Lanterns

This week I have been learning more about Chinese New Year at school – we watched a Chinese orchestra and learnt about the different instruments, made our own dumplings, watched the films Mulan and CJ7 (in Chinese), and learnt to play a Chinese game which is a bit like badminton, but with a shuttlecock that you kick.

Dad has decorated our lane with lanterns, using bamboo that the “lane Granny” was growing last week. They even have a timer. He thinks the neighbours like them very much. He’s really, really pleased with them, so I thought you should see day, dusk and night shots!

We have received another Chinese New Year gift which we are not sure what to do with. Does anyone have any recipes with sacha inchi oil in them?

I got my school trackers this week 😄

On Saturday, we went to see Mum’s new office on the 15th floor and help her to arrange everything …………

and we saw cow parade, which has come to Wheelock Square (where Mum works).

There was a sign that you don’t see very often:

not quite the romantic day out Mum was hoping for.

Dad has bought me a new yo yo which is brilliant – I have been practising, while waiting …… in queues, for planes etc

We are now on our way to Lombok, as I have a week off school for the Chinese New Year holiday.

That’s all for this week.



  1. Diane Hawkings · · Reply

    Excellent lanterns – apparently the big red ones are called tomato lanterns.
    Thomas, I think you are on your way to an ‘A’ in yo-yoing as well as everything at school.
    My research tells me that sacha inch oil is very high in omega 3. I think you should try it in your cooking and salad dressings.
    Happy year of the goat x


  2. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Another action packed week. Love the Chinese lanterns, hopefully your neighbours will keep the lane looking tidy – they must all be very pleased.
    Hope you enjoy your Chinese New Year holiday.
    Lots of love from me and all in France. Xxx


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