The name’s Bond … James Bond

This week I was very busy with the ‘BISS has got talent’ preparations. As well as organising a BISCAKES sale – as the Company is also running a sale at the talent show where Arush and I are going to be the MCs. Last week (see last blog post) I ordered a suit, which I picked up yesterday. Here is a picture of the final result (in full costume for the show):

I hope that it will do!

Yesterday we had lunch with Hera and Liului at our new favourite dumpling restaurant, Lin Long Feng (yum!), before going to pick up the suit from the fabric market – which is not far away.

We then went to buy some Chinese New Year decorations. Can you guess which animal it is this year?

Then we went for a cycle ride to Red town and explored the back of all the old warehouses.
This week at school I heard the exciting news that my story had been selected – one of 10 from my school – to be entered into a competition – Hong Kong Young Writers awards.

Saturday night we watched the Studio Ghibli film ‘Ocean Waves’ which I rate 4.483/5 (Mum rates it 4/5).

Today we stayed at home to do homework, chores, cooking chocolate-chip cookies and embossing!.

That’s all for this week
From, Thomas


  1. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Love the suit and especially the tie.
    Everything crossed for the young writers entry.
    The year of the goat/sheep I believe. Stuffed version not too realistic though eh.
    Biscuits look scrummy. My favourite – hint hint!


  2. Looking very smart in your new suit! I’m jealous of your xiaolongbao excursion but I would have thought I’d get some recognition for my discovery. Is it the Year of the Princess Leia? Google her if you don’t get it. :))


  3. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Love the suit and fab tie – James Bond beware!

    Must be the year of The Ram?


    1. In Chinese, the word yang (羊) means Sheep, Goat and Ram. 🐑🐐.


  4. Chinese Year – my guess is year of Miffy!
    Nice suit!


    1. I’m sure that Miffy is not one of the twelve zodiacs!


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