What did the grape…

…say when he got stepped on?

He let out a little wine!

This week’s exciting news from school is that Arush and I were asked to be MC for a “BISS has got talent” show – a bit like Ant and Dec. We said yes and have decided what we are going to wear, so on Saturday, it was straight to the fabric market to order a black suit …….

At school I have been awarded my 100th merit and I am hoping to get my gold certificate tomorrow! Also I am nearly halfway through my ‘panda awards’ booklist. I recommend the book ‘Escape from Mr Lemoncello’s library’.

On Saturday I made myself some ultra-fluffy banana pancakes which were delicious! On Sunday I used the leftover mixture for blueberry pancakes.
Saturday night at the movies was “The Theory of Everything” which I rate 5 stars.

Today, after one of Mum’s hilarious lunches

We went to the theatre to see

Riverdance which was very good and not just excellent tap dancing, but singing and music as well.

Dad has been having his health checked out properly this week, and has decided to try a serious life style change rather than take diabetes medicine. I am helping him by keeping a very complicated weight loss chart. Tomorrow he will be starting a 5-day juice detox where he is limited to 8 bottles of fruit/vegetable/sludge juice a day.

That’s all for this week!
From, Thomas


  1. Jane Roberts · · Reply

    How is your dad’s diet getting on? Doesn’t sound too exciting.
    Well done getting your 100th merit award and I look forward to hearing more about the BISS talent show and seeing you in your suit.


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Well done you and Arush on your BISS show looking forward to seeing the suit.
    Scrummy cooking as usual
    Thanks for the film recommendation as I have been thinking I would like to see it.
    Bromley’s diet sounds boring. Are there no compromises?


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