The hills are alive

Back at school this week we have been learning about skeletons, Rafael Nadal’s knees and how to do handstands!
On Saturday we learnt how to make poached eggs with hollandaise sauce – which was very good (for a first try). We then went to see The Sound of Music on stage.

It was really good, but Dad was a bit upset that it wasn’t the sing along version. We then had dinner with the Lui-Tran family.
On Sunday after homework, we went for a bicycle ride and went to a shop to buy Mum a bicycle bell. The shop was being refitted, but the owner saw Dad and asked someone to take a bell off another bike and put it on Mum’s which cost less than £1.50! I think we have mastered steamed prawn dumplings – at last. Sort of.
We watched the film ‘The Imitation Game’ this evening, which I liked and would rate as 4 out of 5. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭕️

Mum says happy ‘Ginuary’:

From, Thomas


  1. Jane Roberts · · Reply

    I really like poached eggs with hollandaise sauce and the prawn dumplings sound nice.


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Oh Thomas, Granny loves The Sound of Music. Bromley should have hummed quietly.
    There is a skeleton at my pilates studio – his name is Gilbert and he is very quiet – never says a word.
    Just tell your Mum it should really be Waterary!


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