Christmas Holiday 2014 Day 15

Day 15
Saturday – Hanoi

Last night we said goodbye to our guide and settled ourselves down for the night train to Hanoi.

IMGP3572 IMGP3574

We arrived in Hanoi at 4am – Dad & I were fast asleep & Mum had a very hard time waking us up. After a quick breakfast, we went back to sleep and then had a second breakfast! We then went to the Opera House and joined a photo shoot with lots of big motorbikes.

IMGP3583 IMGP3584

We then went to the West Lake and walked around exploring temples etc as we went past. We walked some of the way over an old railway bridge over the red river which is 1700 m long, but we decided not to go the whole way as it was rather wobbly and there were thousands of motorbikes. It was scary to think that we had been over that bridge earlier in a train! And also a strange place for a photoshoot.

IMGP3632 IMGP3608 IMGP3609

We had a cyclo ride – all in a cyclo built for one!

IMGP3640 IMGP3644

Then we stopped for a drink in a secret cafe over looking the lake.
We met Peter, Karinne & Wil for a last delicious Vietanmese dinner. Now our holiday is nearly over 😿.


This morning we flew ✈️ from the brand new international terminal which was having the opening ceremony today.


We arrived safely in Shanghai where the sun is shining and we are getting excited about opening our Christmas presents when we get home!


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  1. Diane Hawkings · · Reply

    Another fantastic adventure at an end and by the time you read this you will be back at school!
    That is a very large lego pressie. I passed my lego exam with Alex on Boxing Day with an A+ I think.


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