Christmas Holiday 2014 Day 14

January 2
Hoang Su Phi – Xin Man – Bac He – Lao Cai

Today we had a long drive to Lao Cai where we caught a sleeper train back to Hanoi.
Today we met Flower Hmong people who wore very colourful and decorated outfits – even for road building, we also met Tay and Nung people – who wore black with blue sashes.

When we stopped at one of the villages for a few photos, Dad went off for a few minutes. While he was gone, lots of children gathered around the door to our bus to have a look.

We saw a lot of road building which really blocked up the roads and we saw one lorry stuck in the stones and lots of people had to help push it out, but Dad didn’t want to.
We stopped in Bac Ha to see the Hoang Ha Tuong castle – a 1921 French style chateau (but not as nice as Chateau Biarnes) and Dad bought some amazing trousers.

In Lao Cai we saw the border crossing between Vietnam and China – a bridge over the Red River.
The sleeper train was rather old, the ride was very bumpy and the heating/AC was very loud, but the mattress was much softer than the last few nights!

From, Thomas


  1. I wonder if anyone wants to see the trousers…


  2. Great photos. I’d like to see Bromley’s trousers too.


  3. Diane Hawkings · · Reply

    What very colourful clothing. Are we to see your Mum in any in future?
    I’m with previous comments – a picture please of Dad modelling the amazing trousers!


  4. Can we have a photo of the amazing trousers?


  5. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Would like to see a picture of the amazing trousers!


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