Christmas Holiday 2014 Day 9

Dec 28
We visited the temple of literature (Van Mieu) – where you are supposed to stroke the heads of the tortoise to get good luck in your exams.

The sun was shining – at last!

We then walked back to the Hoan Kiem Lake in centre of Hanoi down scissor street (Nguyen Khuyen) – guess what we bought? We went to the puppet theatre to see a water puppet show – I liked the phoenix with the head bobbing up and down best. Dad like the music best. Mum liked the dragons with sparklers in their mouths best.

We had lunch at “wrap and roll” – lots of Vietnamese spring rolls, but I also spun a wheel of fortune and won a free beef hot pot.
We then had dinner at the Simson’s house which has a great view over west lake.

From, Thomas


  1. We bought some scissors!


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    I had a tortoise when i was little. No wonder I turned out super clever!!.,


  3. Granny Devon · · Reply

    I guess that perhaps you bought a tortoise?


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