Nearly Christmas!

This week loads of Christmas stuff has popped up all over Shanghai – including in our dining room! We have bought a real Christmas tree and we spend all of yesterday evening decorating it – what do you think?


In order to try and see everyone else’s decorations for ideas, in the morning we went to a Christmas market in Pudong. Our expectations were really not high whatsoever, and they were still not exceeded. It was very small, and I was annoyed by the slogan “Have a Kerry Christmas” as it was at a place called the Kerry Centre. The funniest bit was that we wanted to buy something (that can’t be revealed until Christmas day) at one market ‘shed’, that had a lady in it, with the light on, and she said that she was closed!

IMG_1942 IMG_1952 IMG_1946

Today, we have spent nearly the whole day cooking – blondies & brownies for Biscakes and some very posh lemon & thyme drizzle cakes from the recipe book Suzie bought for Mum. Then we did some gardening, moving some ultra-heavy pots (and me) around with our new trolley!

drizzle cakes


From, Thomas.


  1. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Excellent tree and very professional looking cakes. Don’t forget to water the tree. I’m not doing mine until the 19th. Too complicated to explain.


  2. Granny Devon · · Reply

    I love your Christmas tree. And I like the look of your lemon and thyme drizzle cakes. Are you going to make some special Christmas cakes to sell for Biscakes? I’m sure they would be popular – you may have to make lots!


  3. Love the tree – we are going to do our next weekend / will send a photo.


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