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This weekend myself & 2 other people (separately) are making cakes to sample on Monday. We are members of the enterprise club at school and once a week we meet to discuss the businesses we are creating. We are hoping to start up a business making & selling delicious cakes to the students at school. I have made triple chocolate brownies & raspberry and white chocolate muffins. I calculated (with help from Dad) that brownies are much more expensive to make than muffins. It took ages to work out the cost of all the ingredients by photographing the ingredients in the supermarket! But the brownies are delicious.
I also had 2 posters to make for homework: 1 music poster about “pitch” and 1 mandarin poster about “colours we like”, as well as loads of maths.
We went to Prêt à Manger for lunch on Saturday, which has just opened it’s first cafe in Shanghai.
Saturday night at the movies was “The Cider House Rules” – my rating is 3/5 – it was very sad & probably not a really suitable subject matter for my age. Here’s the weekend in pictures:


  1. Granny Devon · · Reply

    You seem to have been very busy. I should think that you had a long queue on Monday for your cakes!


  2. The brownies look delicious Thomas! I would pay extra for them!


  3. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Love your new friend. Does he have a name and is he poorly as he is rather green!?
    I wish you lots of luck with the business enterprise. I really can’t see how it can fail – not with chocolate. Mine is the raspberry and white chocolate muffin. Yum yum.


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