Arush and Thomas for President

Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

This week I gave a speech in front of over FIVE HUNDRED people at school with my friend Arush. This is the largest number of people I have ever given a speech to, and probably will do again, at least for a few years. The speech that Arush and I gave was a school council presidential election speech – and we were the youngest candidates to run for president. We did not win the vote this time, but hope to try again in the future. This is a picture of all those who were standing for president.

photo 1-1

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, we went to see a tap dance performance called “Tap Dogs”. It was really entertaining and we had very good seats at the front of the balcony. A group from Australia formed tap dogs after performing at the opening ceremony of the Sydney olympics. Somehow they even made tap dancing funny without speaking.

photo 2-1

Afterwards we went to Jing’an shopping centre – and saw a very good, yet very expensive vehicle, which I tried out:


Then afterwards we went for dinner at The Commune Social. Still my favourite restaurant in Shanghai.

Sadly I woke up with a cold today, but some Taiwanese friends came over for lunch (we met them in Tokyo & they have just moved to Shanghai after 3 years in Paris) which cheered me up. Ken & I showed each other some amazing card tricks. Then, after loads of homework, we made some cakes. Mum made pop cakes for the first time & I practised some of my Chinese colour characters in chocolate writing:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


For those of you in England, I may see you next week!


  1. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Who was voted President and how old is he? I’m sure that you were very good and you will be voted for in the future.
    I’m very excited to be seeing you all next week. Bon voyage. Xxx


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Well done you for giving a speech to such a large number. Very good practice for your future.
    Cakes look yummy but we need translation of the characters. Hope we get some for our family get together. Can’t wait.


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