Chongming Island

This week, as I’m sure you know, was Mum’s Birthday! To celebrate we went to Chongming island for some nature and stayed there for two nights. Here are a few photos of our weekend away:

Some interesting facts:

Chongming island is the third largest island in China after Taiwan and Hainan.

It’s the largest alluvial island in the world.

There is a ten kilometre bridge from Chanxing island to Chongming island over the East China Sea.

Also, Mum wasn’t surprised that it rained a little bit on her birthday. We set off on a walk, with a map with no scale on it – imagine how happy we were seeing a taxi after an hour and a half of walking and funny looks from locals. We then found out that we were only a third of the way to the monastery (our destination). After that we went to a wetland centre – which was very good. Dad was happy because we saw lots of bamboo.

Thomas Roberts


  1. Auntie Hannah · · Reply

    I thought you were in France when I saw the sun flowers!


  2. Diane Hawkings · · Reply

    Another successful birthday adventure. I see the dreaded wind farms have reached China as well.

    Did you take the crab home for supper?


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