Summer Holiday highlights

Hello everyone! This blog post is a post full of LISTS! I know how much you all like lists, so most of this post is just lists – all of them explaining about my holiday.

Top five new things I did:
1. Sail – I did a four-day sailing course with Josh during the summer and I got a level one RYA youth certificate.
2. Cook scallops – I bought a mini frying pan from John Lewis and I have been cooking lots of things like quails eggs and
scallops in it
3. Make daisy chains? – Mum taught me (she was horrified when she found out I didn’t already know how to make one!)
4. Made a pasta collage at Polly’s house – same explanation as above
5. Hoovering Polly’s flats – I earned £1 and free lunch for my efforts

New places I went to (Not in any order):
• Dartmouth – Short holiday with Granny Devon and Dad
• Oxford – Family outing to the Discovering Tutankhamun exhibition at the Ashmolean museum
• The living rainforest – Family outing
• Donald’s jam factory – factory tour with dad by Donald
• Waterperry gardens – We met Granny Annie for the first time in ten years
• Diana memorial fountain at Hyde park – BST reunion picnic
• The round tower, the kitchen and the chapel at Windsor castle – Outing with Grandpa motorbike
• Virgin atlantic upper class wing (Heathrow T3) – Special upper class wing with drive through check-in that we used when flying back to Shanghai
• The cockpit of Virgin Atlantic’s plane named Lady Bird
• Legoland – Day trip with Auntie Hannah, Granny Devon and my cousins (Amelia, Patrick, Benjamin and Anaïs)
• Warwick castle – Day trip with my other cousins (Timothy, Christopher and Alex)

Exciting and notable things I did
• Water orbing with Rachel, Phoebe and Zoe at Longridge
• Playing with Grandpa’s train set (at least an hour and a half)
• Helping to make a house for the train set
• Joined Instagram – my name is @t_b_roberts if you want to follow me but I need to know who you are to accept you!
• We helped buy Granny’s new car – a blue Audi A3 Sportback!
• Dad, Mum and I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The musical in London
• We also went to see Bond in motion – the largest official collection of Bond vehicles
• We went to Lambeth country fair with Suzie and Alicky – I went on a fairground ride called “The Meteor”
• Dad and I cleaned out Granny’s shed – and found Dad’s teeth!
• I am growing my own mini carrots – hope they are ready for our return to the UK at the end of September
• Having 14th wedding anniversary fish and chips with the Curtley’s
• Realising I don’t like malt loaf at Jane Hepworth’s house. Malt loaf = Urrgh
• Having a look at G’pa and Micheline’s Bamboo garden
• Going to the dentist to have my tooth pulled out – no ouch though
• Going to the cinema and watching How To Train Your Dragon 2 – I was one of six people there!
• Going to the cinema and watching Earth to Echo with Josh and Dad after having my tooth pulled out

Possible levels : 3 / 4 / 5
Maths result: 5
English reading result: 5
Spelling Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG): 5

Photo gallery:
Scroll over for captions

I am going back to school TOMORROW (first day of secondary school) so I have been busy getting ready! Bus comes at 7:25 tomorrow…


  1. auntie Hannah · · Reply

    Busy boy, but you forgot to mention rock pooling and finding a giant jelly fish.🐙🐚🐠


  2. Granny Devon · · Reply

    You have done more things this summer than I have done in all my summer holidays put together!
    I will be thinking of you tomorrow 7.25am. It will be good to get back to school to see all your friends. Xx


  3. Granny fixit · · Reply

    What a busy holiday.
    Tell Polly you are worth more than £1 if you did a good job.
    Excellent SATS results. Granny is very very proud and will be thinking of you tomorrow. Hope all goes well.


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