Nuts (Machine)

Hello Everyone!

This will probably be my last blog post until the end of August, as my summer holiday starts at 3:30pm on Thursday. Hoorah! We will all be flying back to the U.K. next Saturday and will arrive in London about 5:30pm, if all goes to plan.

Also, I have redone my blog design so the website looks better than ever!

For the last 2 weeks at school, I was really focused on the SATs. They were easier than I thought they would be – based on the hard practice papers – and I will find out my scores in the middle of the summer – maybe I will post my levels! We had two maths tests, a mental maths test, a reading test, a grammar test and a spelling test. The SATs lasted for four days, and we did really fun things when we were not doing SATs such as playing on the climbing frame and having extra time outside as well as swimming. I also had a Mandarin exam. Miss Cavanagh offered to give us one of the answers for every 1oo rmb we gave her. It was a million rmb to give us the booklet early and 10 million rmb for the mark scheme. All of these prices are a HUGE rip-off, but I think she was joking and nobody gave her any money.

At school we also finished off our CBL project with our final presentation (roof garden proposal – including seating, new plant boxes, a fish pond, shady area & most importantly …… an outside tap & hose pipe – as we have been carrying watering cans from the art room to the roof all term) to Mr. Foyle, Mr. White and Miss Meehan. However, Miss Meehan cancelled her presence to our presentation, because she had decided to help prepare for the year 2 rainforest assembly instead – even though we had already booked her in for our presentation! This made us quite disappointed, but we still did the presentation, which went very well. Mr Foyle had lots of very good questions.

Last week, I went to a Saturday rehearsal for the school end of year production of “Treasure Island”.  I was one of the backstage crew (and you may recall that I also helped to make many of the props). Last Wednesday, I was in the audience watching the production and then on Thursday I was backstage with Miss Cavanagh wearing a special back stage black outfit. Dad saw – well, snoozed throughout – the play twice it was so brilliant (as Mum was in Melbourne all week, Dad couldn’t share the responsibilities).

Me out on stage for the finale

Me out on stage for the finale

the treasure chest I helped to make

The treasure chest I helped to make

I have now seen ALL the James Bond films. I can’t decide which is my favourite, but “On her Majesty’s service” was my least favourite. My favourite Bond was Daniel Craig. My favourite Q was Desmond Lewelyn.

Yesterday I went to Arush’s birthday party where we played lots of games including nerd gun wars.

Today we went for brunch at Farine – at one end of Wukang Lu (a very famous street in Shanghai) & then we walked to the other end. Along the way we came across a new shop called “ito” which sells suitcases. There seemed to be no sales staff at all – just a display of brightly coloured suitcases & a brilliant “Nuts” Machine in the window, which is a game that if you play you might win a new suitcase.  Once we have a QR code scanner & WeChat we are definitely going back to play! One lady played and gave her “used” sphere to me (she didn’t win). It did have a very good quote on the card instead:



Next we saw two groups having wedding photos:

wedp1 wedp2

We have been watching Masterchef lately, which inspired us to cook this afternoon. We made:


Tarte Tatin


Jam Tarts

Cheesey pastry


Phew! that was hard work.

The end of a school year of  blogging ———


  1. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Amélia and Paddy have been doing end of year exams too – keeping my fingers crossed for you all. Longing to see you when you get back to the UK. Have a good trip. X


  2. Have a great trip back, looking forward to seeing you all.


  3. Claire · · Reply

    What sort of quiche? Alex likes spinach & ricotta best…… See you on Sunday!?


    1. Quiche Lorraine – my favourite.


  4. Beccacornford & Rachel · · Reply

    Well done Thomas on some great blogging! We’ve loved hearing what you’ve been up to. Hurray you will soon be over in the uk, ready for a longridge session or 2!! Becca and Rachel x


  5. Diane Hawkings · · Reply

    Excellent treasure chest – did it contain gold?
    Personally James Bond leaves me cold, but you know Aunty Sarah just loves Daniel Craig.
    Cooking looks very good – a pastry fest!
    I think Disraeli should have said ‘travel needs toleration’


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