Dong Qian Lake

This week at school I have been looking after the roof garden, finishing props for the school play & researching prices of items for the roof garden.

Then we had a long weekend due to the dragon boat festival. Before going on holiday, I went to have a haircut but, this week, I couldn’t have it at our usual place. Here is a multiple choice quiz on why this might have been:

A. The hairdressers was shut for the weekend – oops
B. There was a wailing lady lying in front of the door way & there was a big crowd of onlookers
C. The curlers had caught fire & there were firemen everywhere
D. The shop had been taken over by Wagas (cafe)

(See next blog for the answer)

On Friday I tried a new restaurant with Mum, Dad, Ruzanna & Suchat called Macasa – the chocolate lava cake was super yummy delicious & fantastic!

Here are some videos about how our holiday went:



This is Red

This is Red



We have been watching Masterchef Junior at home which was really good & then tried Junior Masterchef here in our room, which wasn’t nearly as good. We then saw Madagascar 3 on TV – which I rate 2/5.

I have also been perfecting my English – have a go at this. I bet most of you will not be able to do it!

During breakfast this morning, Dad did something he said he has not done in years:



And this is the lake we were staying next to:


We are now safely back at home in Shanghai. I am going back to school tomorrow!




  1. Excellent blog this week Thomas. If you see any Cadbury’s Creme eggs buy 3 and see if Dad will do something else he’s not done for years.


  2. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Did your Dad stick the spoon on his nose with chewing gum, or is it that he has got a funny shaped ‘Jarvis nose’ !


  3. Do u want 2 work for the BBC?


  4. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Well I went for what I thought was the obvious in your quiz but not sure.
    As for the English reading test, I think I did pretty well, although I admit to hesitation once or twice. And yes it was exhausting.


  5. Lucy from London · · Reply

    This is what your Daddy used to do while he was at school, rather than studying hard like you!


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