Movie 101

Last week at school we did more CBL and we launched the roof garden survey so are waiting for the results. During maths, Mr Rhodes came in to our classroom and told us that there was NO SCHOOL ON WEDNESDAY. It was very short notice, and we left school 45 minutes early on Tuesday. This was because of APEC conference, where there were lots of big cheeses attending, and the Chinese wanted to clear the roads to give the impression that there is no traffic or pollution in China.  During eco club we were researching eco schools in Asia. At production support club I helped to make palm trees for the school production of Treasure Island. On Wednesday I had a baby sitter, as Dad is still celebrating his birthday!

On Friday we went to commune social with some friends of Mum’s. Kim’s new dessert was excellent.

Saturday, after cleaning out the freezer, we tried a chicken rice restaurant – but it wasn’t nearly as good as CRP in Tokyo. Saturday night at the movies was Tomorrow Never Dies which I rate 4.5/5 & the graphics have come a long way since Dr No.
Today I spent all morning doing my homework. We had to make a video on recycling and landfills. I made my video with iMovie – here’s my movie:
I hope you like it, because it took me nearly 3 hours!
This afternoon we went bowling – so we have tired arms now.


  1. I enjoyed your film very much, well done. and Uncle Lofty is very good at making palm trees too.


  2. G'pa and Micheline · · Reply

    Thomas – your film is remarkable. Will you be at Cannes next year?


  3. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Excellent film – hits the right note. Hope you get good grade.
    I’m coming for dessert – yummy!


  4. The film is brilliant – I can’t believe you can make your own films now


  5. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Thomas your iMovie is absolutely brilliant. I have a friend who I’m sure would be fascinated to see it. His business is in waste and he has made a huge amount of money out of it.
    The music you have set your movie to is my very favourite John Lennon song. I love it – very well done. Xx


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