Aye aye captain

My 100th BLOG POST!: 

Sorry I have not been blogging recently, but Mum went to New Jersey for two weeks and when she came back last Saturday I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible and my eye was hit by a football! Here are some FAQ about my eye incident:


Were you playing football? – No

So what happened? – I was in the school playground, near the goalposts, not playing football, but running over to chat to a friend, and then someone accidentally kicked a football into my face (he didn’t get a goal and it might have been a good save if I had actually been playing in the football game).

What did you do then? – I went to see the nurse in pain.

Were you all right after that? – Not really. The nurse called Dad and we went to see an ophthalmologist who had a jolly good look into my eye and saw some swelling and some bleeding. He gave me lots of eye drops to keep my eye dilated and to reduce swelling and said no sport for 2 weeks. I had a bit of a bruise from where the football hit my glasses, but not too much damage to my face. Mum says I am still beautiful (I said “Ooooooh Muuuuuum!). I went to see the ophthalmologist again last Friday and he says 2 more weeks off sport and another check-up in 4 weeks time, but my eye is going to be OK. Phew.

Can you still see? – Yes, but my friends (and everyone else) are very interested in my dilated pupil.

Did it hurt? – Yes, it really hurt


At school we have been practising a lot for the SATs that are coming up. They are really easy, but the teachers seem to want us to get 100/100. During themed learning, we have been continuing our challenge based learning project. If you didn’t know, I am project manager! We are now putting together a survey monkey questionnaire, and building a final design on the roof garden. We are even trying to get a few artists impressions of how its going to look.

Yesterday we spent all day cooking. Waffles for breakfast and making vodka jellies and delicious birthday cake – made by Mum and I – for a birthday party (Dad and Tumai’s) were we spent a very long time. I now understand the basics of mahjong.

Strange sights and weird happenings


Is it normal for a large velvet stool to be carried around on a motorbike?


Thats all for this 100th post!




Also, you can now preorder Sus’ new book (hardback, paperback or kindle) here.

And Alicky’s new book (50 Years of Horizon) is on iTunes here.


  1. Granny Devon · · Reply

    100 posts – I wonder how many comments I have made!
    Hope your eye is feeling better. It’s a shame that you are not able to play games for a week or so. Xx


  2. Hope the “aye” recovers quickly.


  3. Is your eye better? Sounds awesome and tell me about your SATS


  4. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Really upset about your eye injury. Your Mum should have let me know so that I could have worried – that’s what she does when she is poorly!
    Good luck with the SATS.
    Looking forward to pics of the project.


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