Summer Term Begins

We got back from Laos late last Saturday – I hope you enjoyed the daily blogs. This is me, really happy to be first on the plane (as always*) back to Shanghai!


Back at school for the new term! This term is really all about getting ready for secondary school and the SATs. The new themed learning topic is CBL, which stands for challenge based learning. So far we have learned all about Edward De Bono’s thinking hats and we have been practising ‘wearing’ the thinking hats by being given different scenarios and working out what steps we need to take to solve the scenario. Dad seems to like to wear the black hat. Mum went to Seoul and Tokyo this week, so Dad & I watched a lot of films!

“Out and about” we seem to have a theme of people sleeping in awkward locations! Here are a few of those we took photos of:

photo 1 photo 3 photo 2

I am about to go to Baihe, in Beijing, on a YEAR 6 RESIDENTIAL! I will be gone for 4 nights/5 days. I received a booklet on the adventures planned, a team T-shirt and a full packing list last Friday and I am SUPER EXCITED about it. I will give you full information about how it went – next weekend!

Yesterday, for breakfast, I ate eight REALLY FUNNY pancakes made by Mum:

stack pancake

We then went shopping for a few things I need in Beijing (like slippers) and came across some interesting Easter eggs.


Today we made panna cotta and strawberry coulis, as well as financiers (we felt like cooking today, as it is raining outside) and then we went for a walk to work up an appetite to eat them. We found a new cafe made from a recycled shipping container!


These are the films we have seen recently and the ratings:

Grand Piano – 3/5 [good plot idea, but disappointing ending]

Thunderball (007) – 4/5

You only live twice (007) – 4/5

On her majesty’s secret service (007) – 2/5 [the plot was rubbish]

From, Thomas

*No matter whether we are in the priority boarding lane or not, I am nearly ALWAYS first on the plane because of tactics such as arriving at the gate early (getting in the queue 5 minutes earlier than anyone else) or by overtaking people on the bridge

Interesting fact: Kunming Airport is so big that some of the staff use bicycles to get around.

photo 4


  1. Auntie Hannah · · Reply

    look forward to hear about your school trip.


  2. Granny Devon · · Reply

    I look forward to hearing all about your trip to Baihe it all sounds very exciting, but I think your Mum and Dad are going to miss you!


  3. Diane Hawkings · · Reply

    Interesting that you are learning about Edward De Bono – I guess you might investigate Tony Buzan next.
    Have a lovely trip to Beijing. Look forward to hearing all about it next week.


  4. Beccacornford & Rachel · · Reply

    Loved reading your blog and the thinking hats – I think Richard wears the black hat loads too, it must be a dad thing!!! Hope you have a great residential trip – wow it sounds brill. Rachel at a swim gala today and just won the 50m free against other clubs! She will be chuffed!
    I always try to be last on the plane as I don’t like being on it for any longer than I need be!! Take care, and love to all Becca x


    1. Hi Mrs Cornford. In China, if you don’t get on the plane early there is never any room in the overhead compartments because they bring so much xxxx with them. (xxxx = stuff).


      1. Dear Dad,
        Please don’t reply to comments with my name. – Or pretend to be me when replying to comments!
        Thank you!

        P.S. Congratulations Rachel


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