Laos Holiday Blog II

Day 2- 31 March

After a very short morning flight of 94nm (the shortest flight Thomas has taken so far and to the smallest airport) to Xieng Khouang, which was devastated by American bombing between 1964 and 1973, we went to visit the Plain of Jars, an impressive archaeological site where hundreds of large stone jars are littered all over the plateau. Noone really knows what they were for, but possibly they were burial urns. We saw about 330 at the site we visited & a cave which was bombed 3 times. Then we visited the old capital of Muang Khoun Province and the nearby villages, home to the Hmong hill tribe and Tai Dam people. We visited a local village & Dad has decided that he loves water buffalo more than Mum – sorry, I mean more than camels. The buffalo were walking home for some salt treats. We also heard the story of the chicken who wanted to cross the river but couldn’t fly or swim, so the duck carried her across. In return the chicken promised to look after the duck’s eggs.
We are stayed overnight in Phonsavanh. We found a restaurant called Bamboozle and tried some local treats like fried riverplant. Yum. Maybe only once.

Things we learnt today:
– England won the football world cup in 1966 when Laos was being bombed & flooded – the heaviest jar weighed 6 tons
– a french lady archeologist studied the jars for 3 years
– there are an estimated 80 million UXOs not yet found
– >1 ton of bombs were dropped per person in Laos
– flies annoy Thomas
– Dad likes beer



  1. Granny Devon · · Reply

    What does fried riverplant taste like?


  2. Joan Millsaps · · Reply

    Thomas, Sal and I thoroughly enjoy your blogs. It’s almost like being there ourselves. You are learning so many wonderful things that will serve you well in the future. Our best to you and your parents. XXOO


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