Parallel Birthday

Parallel Birthday

Happy 11th Birthday to me! (Parallel 1’s)
Sorry I didn’t do a blog post last week, but I was very busy having a brilliant bowling party (it still would have been brilliant if I hadn’t won!) and eating chocolate cake.

20140331-074828 am.jpg

20140331-074846 am.jpg

My official birth minute was on Tuesday at 8:29 Singapore time (same in China and at 00:29 GMT). Thank you very much for the birthday post – even though we expect more to arrive – as we haven’t received some parcels that definitely have been sent. Our driver also ordered a cake to be delivered to our house – a white chocolate and coconut cake with fruit! That was a surprise. We went to Commune Social for a delicious dinner and all the staff signed a menu for me.

20140331-074957 am.jpg
The cake our driver (Mr. Jin) got me!

This week was our school’s international week, so on Thursday it was the international food fair – a wonderful opportunity to stuff yourself with food from around the world. I ate the following:

Scones – UK
Eton mess – UK
Beans on toast – UK
Cucumber maki – Japan
Meat pie – Australia
Italian pizza – Italy
Cheese – Switzerland
Chocolate – Switzerland
Chocolate cake – Turkey
Japanese sweets – Japan

And I enjoyed them all!

Also for international week, we dressed up on Friday in clothes from our country. I wore my Union Jack bowler hat, of course!

On Saturday, we went to Xintandi, and I went to moleskine and bought some things with my birthday money – which led to a search for art (some designers for moleskin had some pieces near different shops and for each one spotted I got a stamp).

That’s all for this week!


  1. Granny Devon · · Reply

    I can’t believe that you ate so much at the international food fair, hope you are not looking really fat.
    At the moment I am in Mallorca with A. Sue but unfortunately we are having bad weather – its terribly cold and so is the apartment we are staying in!
    Have a great time in Laos. Xxx


  2. Glad you had a great birthday – like the cakes . Which one was best?


  3. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Lovely to see your birthday celebrations. It had a definite bias towards chocolate cake – Mum’s effort looked amazing.
    Your bowler hat was very good value. I can’t believe it is still in one piece.
    Enjoy Laos.


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