Laos Holiday Blog I

Day 1-30 Mar: arrived in Vientiane

We visited the major sights of the capital;
– the oldest Wat Sisaket, a temple with >10,000 miniature Buddha statues
– the former royal temple of Wat Prakeo which previously housed the famous Emerald Buddha (which is now in Bangkok – and we have seen it there)
– That Luang Stupa where Thomas tried a kitkat ice cream🍦(4/5) [Cadbury flake ice creams are better] and had a quick lie down.
– Patuxay Monument (known as Vientiane’s own Arc de Triumph), where Thomas had his picture taken & had it printed in the back of a van. Only Dad climbed to the top, as it was ☀️40° C (too hot!)🔆
We tried Lao cooking at Lao Kitchen for dinner 🍴& tried Beerlao 🍻& heavenly dried beef (a lot like eating Mum’s handbag) then visited the night market (as recommended by Tasha!)

Interesting facts:
Lao money is the kip & there are 13,352 kips to the pound
If you were born
on Tuesday – it is believed that you are lazy
on Wednesday – it is believed that you are generous & give your money to others on Saturday – it is believed that you won’t like to travel
Our guide Mr Phengdii was a monk for 12 years
Laos is about to become the “battery of Asia” as dams are built along the Mekong for hydroelectric power.

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  1. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Don’t think your Mum would be too pleased if you ate her handbag!


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