Poor Thomas

Dear Bloggers,
Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I am feeling TERRIBLE. I even have an “itis” – tonsillitis. Anyway, I have been feeling very under the weather for a few days, so this morning, Mum took me to see the Doctor. From making an appointment (which was only 30mins after she called and I was in my pyjamas) – to out the house in ten minutes (with a shower!). We both think that we must have broken a world record (in this family, at least).

This week, I have been interested in this app (it’s a website) is https://airpnp.co for anyone interested in making money out of their toilet or finding a toilet!

Then it was pancake day, which we celebrated with pancakes, of course:


On Thursday I had a meeting with the headmaster!
Last week I sent a letter to Mr Foyle asking about better solutions for letters (printed on paper to take home) to reduce waste (I sent my letter as an email). Then on Monday he sent an email back asking if I could have a meeting with him. Just so you know, this was part of my work with the GCC (global citizenship council) at my school. I also suggested that the school invests in a wind turbine to generate power. I think the meeting went well. Mr Foyle had lots of questions and even went to meet Dad afterwards. Dad was working at school that day and his class were very surprised to have a visit from the headmaster who told them about his meeting with me.

On Friday – I had a weird big tooth growing on top of a baby tooth, so I went to the dentist and she took out the baby tooth very quickly. She also told me that the tooth fairy pays twice as much for a tooth taken out by the dentist, which turned out to be true!

On Saturday – I dragged myself to rugby, but I wasn’t feeling very good and it was really, really cold and not very fun. After fish and chips to cheer me up, we went to a new supermarket which we have discovered (or MAYBE someone else told us about it) a new Japanese supermarket called c!tysuper (city super). I then went to sleep on the sofa, while a Mum made blueberry ice cream (yum)


and an almond cake. We then watched Dr No, which I rate as 3.5/5 which was good, but it wasn’t very high tech or big budget!

On Sunday-after the Doctor’s appointment, we saw this in a taxi:


why is there a horse?

Then I just stayed at home, finished my homework and watched Dr Who.
See above – I feel really poorly (really, really poorly) …….

That’s all for my mixed week!


  1. Get better soon.


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    This Granny is also very very sad that you are poorly. Hope you are soon better. Fish and chips and ice cream does help.
    Well done you for your suggestions to help the environment. I am not sure about the wind turbine as they can harm birds and light aircraft – I need to be convinced that they are a way forward, particularly on land.


  3. Granny Devon · · Reply

    We are so sorry to hear that you are poorly and hope that you soon feel better. I am now in France with A. Hannah & Co.
    As usual a very good blog – and I am interested to hear all about your meeting with your Headmaster which seems to have gone well and it was nice that he then went to see your Dad in his class.
    Lots of love from “sunny France” and all here. Xx


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