Pelting Paintballs

This week, Mum came back safely from Beijing on Tuesday, despite the pollution being beyond the index (i.e. it was really, really bad). When I interviewed Mum about her trip she said “I had Peking duck both nights I was there”.

It was good to have Mum back, and we didn’t experience anything else exciting for the rest of the week, as rain stopped play for rugby and the boiler broke down. However, we did have Yorkshire puddings on Thursday night. Here was the picture Mum was sent by Dad to get her to hurry up at work and come home:

20140302-060935 pm.jpg

Also, Friday night was my first ever ironing lesson! I ironed nearly all our tea towels and I (for some reason) really enjoy ironing tea towels:

20140302-060830 pm.jpg

And… on Saturday, I went to one of the best birthday parties (Max’s birthday) I have ever been to. I also think you will be able to guess what it was by looking at the title of this post. It was paintballing! I was scared to death when we arrived, but then we played a few games and now I am NOT scared of being shot by a yellow paintball. I think I shot four people, and know I shot two (oops – two shots to the head for the first person). And… I came second place in the last free-for-all! Unfortunately this was because I was shot in the leg – and I now have a big bruise as a souvenir. Then we went to Pizza Marzano (Pizza Express abroad) where I had a BIG LUNCH.
Saturday night at the movies was Bugsy Malone – Mum & I rate it 3.5/5. Dad rates it 4 (& has seen it before & knows the words to the songs, which he has been singing ever since).

Sunday was a good day to go to the park because it was nice and sunny, so we did. In Zhongshan park we saw lots of people playing music and singing. There were also lots of people flying kites (really high). People also take their song birds to the park & hang their cages in trees. My homework for this week was to take pictures of Shanghai and think of maths questions to go with them, so we were on the look out. When we got home, we got out a recipe book “the silver spoon for children” (as chosen this morning) and made mixed fruit ice cream! – it is delicious.

Pictures from the park:

20140302-060712 pm.jpg
Brilliant Braille map

20140302-060533 pm.jpg
Kite flying

20140302-060628 pm.jpg
People brought their birds for some fresh air!

20140302-060443 pm.jpg
Possibly the best photo – communal newspaper

20140302-055837 pm.jpg
Map of park

That’s all for this week!
From, Thomas.


  1. Charlotte Curtis · · Reply



  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    I bet the birds would like to be set free to really enjoy the fresh air.
    Wow the Yorkshire puds look fantastic – I think it is time they were tested on Granny.


  3. Beccacornford & Rachel · · Reply

    Hay Thomas
    Someone has got into ironing!!!!
    And those Yorkshire puddings makes me sooooooo jealous!!!
    From Rachel


    1. Beccacornford & Rachel · · Reply

      Ps we agree we hope your house don’t normally iron tea towels and yes we also want a paint balling photo!!!


  4. BTW, did you iron tea towels because:
    a) This was lesson 1
    b) Tea towels are ironed in your house
    ….am hoping a)

    and 2nd BTW, we’re still finding tic tac boxes

    and 3rd BTW, Alex would have preferred a paint balling photo rather than an ironing one.


    1. The answer to the first BTW is a) What colour are the tic tac boxes? And sorry, but there were no photos of me shooting paintballs at people



      1. They were the colour you were hiding.


  5. We did some cooking today too…… shepherd’s pie & banana / choc chunk cake (my recipe) for pud with waitrose custard (& a bit of squirty cream on top for Tim šŸ™‚


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