Happy Highlights

Short blog this week… But it was happy week to blog about

This week had many happy highlights sent our way – including my receiving of my Principal’s Commendation.

20140223-081157 pm.jpg

We celebrated this (and a very good parent-teacher meeting) at seve, a new pizza restaurant (one we haven’t tried, not recently opened). Here’s me posing with some champagne!

20140223-081226 pm.jpg

Also, even though this isn’t funny food, Mum emailed me a picture of some apple art – inspired by fields but done by Mum. Good, isn’t it?

20140223-081258 pm.jpg

Saturday rugby was a little bit disappointing – lost both games to dulwich college Suzhou and the French school. Dulwich Suzhou would have made more tries if they hadn’t given us loads of penalties for high tackling (they were getting our team around the neck a LOT).

We went out for a walk and saw a brilliant idea for our lane gate

20140223-081115 pm.jpg

And on Sunday, we did h-o-m-e-w-o-r-k. Themed learning h*mew*rk was putting different solids in water – but we did have to plan an investigation.
BOO HOO 😭 Mum had to fly to Beijing. We will be missing her until Tuesday.

That is all!
From, Thomas.


  1. Auntie Hannah · · Reply

    Thinking of you as i’m cooking chinese for dinner, (don’t suppose it’s anything like real chinese, no grass hoppers anyway!)
    Well done for your commendation. “Ace”


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Congrats on the Commendation – granny is very proud.
    Love the Union Jack door and think you should give it serious consideration – but the floor is OTT.


  3. Love the door……def do it. Well done on the certificate.


  4. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Just heard your email come in so I am the first to comment this week.
    Getting your certificate was certainly highlight of the week – well done.
    Sorry about your rugby this week though. I watched England playing Ireland at Twickenham yesterday on T.V. It was a brilliant game – very exciting, and of course England won!


  5. Congrats on your award Thomas, you and your parents must be very proud.


    1. Thank you Celia! I think you just broke the record for the fastest ever comment! >


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