Still Celebrating Christmas

Dear Readers,

First snow of this cold and miserable Shanghai Winter has arrived, but it didn’t last very long. Here is the official announcement that Winter is 36 days late in the Shanghai daily:

20140216-082818 pm.jpg

Speaking of the weather, thank you to everyone who has offered their help in piling up sandbags outside our house in England. However, this is not required, as our house has not flooded yet. And thanks to everyone who has popped in to check all is OK. Please IGNORE this picture out of Grandpa’s car window, taken very near our house (just up the road) as the water has already gone down.

20140216-082750 pm.jpg

Thank you very much to the BBC for flying up the River Thames in a helicopter to take a picture of our house. Again, please ignore the flooded River Thames creeping up and look at the dry patch that is where our house is. Phew, that was lucky for us.

20140216-082703 pm.jpg

Apart from the really rubbish weather, there is not much else to report this week. However, we did go out for dinner on Valentines day – as Dad didn’t book anywhere romantic to take Mum – to the Commune Social (which doesn’t take reservations). Delicious food, as usual, although they were extremely busy – people were sitting at the dessert bar for their main course and the chefs were not able to fit all the order tickets on the rack thingamawhatsit! That’s really busy. Mum’s been making funny food again:

20140216-082615 pm.jpg

Saturday was another rugby day – I was on the winning team for 2/3 games. Mum was at home cooking most of the day, because it was Cezary’s birthday party at our house.
Here was the menu:

20140216-082241 pm.jpg

Thanks to Polly for the medlar jelly which we used in the fois gras & melba toast canapés & for finding the Xmas pudding – which vanished in a few minutes (with lots of brandy butter made by Mum).

20140216-082332 pm.jpg

That’s all for this week.
From Thomas


  1. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Like the love hearts – what are they made of?
    Lucky Cezary his birthday menu looks delicious.
    Happy Birthday to Cezary from Granny Devon.


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    What wonderfully creative menus in your house.
    Bisham hasn’t totally escaped the water yet but it is looking good. Keep everything crossed!


  3. Glad to see no mention of tictacs & poo charts……, phew. AC


  4. Was the xmas pud the “Cotswold pudding”? I wondered whether it might be chocolate pear crumble. I happen to know your mum and dad love it 😉


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