The Phantom

Dear Bloggers,

This week I have been a little bit poorly with a cold, and have been needing to drink lots of water. Unfortunately, we couldn’t decide which sort to buy ……..

Dad’s phone is smashed to pieces, so it was time for a new one – a 5s

Hopefully Grandpa will be pleased as he has sent us at least one email a week since Dad smashed his 3GS asking if he’s got a new one!

Friday night we watched Treasure Island – very old film (1950) which had a surprising ending. Rating 3/5. The school KS2 drama production is to be the story of Treasure Island in the Summer term and I am a prop/set maker, so I wanted to know the story.

Saturday – Rugby game… or so we thought. Here is a snapshot from Mum’s phone. You can see why rugby was cancelled.

Saturday night – guess what we saw at the theatre before you read on. If you can see tiny writing, look through the doors.


Phantom of the opera! It was very good – but I was struggling to stay awake until the last applause.

Sunday – Juice frenzy so we can get rid of my germs with a vitamin blast. I made my own juice cocktail as below. It’s even a layered cocktail!

Top layer – Strawberry Juice
Middle layer – Pineapple Juice
Bottom layer – Mango Juice

(When Dad went to get his coffee, he was served by a girl named juicy – suits our day!)

I also had some (quite) fun homework – to create a tourist information leaflet on a coastal resort to encourage your class teacher to go there.

While writing this post, Dad came in with an emergency photo – as shown below. This is hanging from the electricity wires in our lane – drying, I think.

That’s all for this week!


  1. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Oh, that’s really horrid. Hope your neighbours don’t invite you for dinner!


  2. Granny Devon · · Reply

    What is that horrible animal hanging from the electricity line, it looks like a monkey, will it be used in cooking – soup perhaps?


    1. It is for cooking, yes, but it is an unidentified food object.



  3. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Very sorry to hear that you have been out of sorts.
    Very jealous of Bromley’s new phone. And very glad you are taking care in the pollution. It was on the news here in relation to Beijing and I wondered if Shanghai was the same – how is your Mum coping?


  4. Lucy from London · · Reply

    When Dad bought his coffee did he say he knew a girl at home called “Juicy Lucy”!!


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