Tigger’s gonna bounce me!

Day 13 Myanmar (2nd Jan)

Dear Bloggers,

Today we hopped onto a light truck for a visit to the local village. We squashed onto wooden benches & held on tightly for a bumpy ride with the locals – the road is very much still work in progress! We mainly went to go to the bank, but we also wondered around the market and local shops. We bought some envelopes from a stationery “shop” – some readers may be getting “thank you” post from us quite soon. We took a private motorbike with a kind of trailer with benches back to the hotel, which was an even bumpier ride – if that it even possible. It reminded us of a line from Winnie the Pooh – “tigger’s gonna bounce me!” Nursing sore behinds, it was another laze around on the beach day with swimming until after sun set. Dad talked to the chef, so we tried the recommended catch of the day which was perch – very good.

That’s all for today,
P.S. Photos to be posted when the internet speed is better
P.P.S. The bar ran out of gin, just after sun set!


  1. That bar aint the best then :(. Tell your parents to not hog the gin away from you Tom.


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Mum on the gin again?!!!
    Spelling advice – stationery, ‘e’ for envelopes.


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