New Year’s Eve

Day 11 Myanmar (31st Dec)

Dear Bloggers,

Today we went back to Heho airport to catch a plane to Ngapali (so called because someone thought it looked like Napali). Spotted L.A. once again. Mum said “hello” this time, as he saw her & smiled. Looking forward to 3 days at the beach relaxing. I have just started a big book – “the lost hero” by Rick Riordan, so that should keep me entertained for a bit.
We arrived at the very long, sandy beach, where it is very sunny & hot. There was a lot of activity at the hotel as everyone was preparing for a New Year’s Eve party. There were big fires being built on the beach. Dad thinks they must be burning witches later. We went for a long walk on the beach, I went for a swim & made a dam & then watched the sunset – it was a very good one!
The party on the beach was quite good, with traditional dancing, a performer with fire & a DJ. Lots of local people came to watch the performers & the fires kept them warm (with no sign of any witches). We were all given rockets to light at midnight (which Mum thought was a bit dangerous, especially as they said “not to be hand held”).


That’s all for today,
P.S. Photos to be posted when the internet speed is better

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  1. Granny fixit · · Reply

    New Year party sounds great fun but I am still struggling over L.A. – need more clues please?


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