Heho, Heho, it’s off to …….. Heho we go

Day 9 Myanmar (29th Dec)

Dear Bloggers,

Today we got up really early (again) to catch our flight to Heho (where Inle Lake is). On the way to our hotel, we stopped off at a monastery where we interrupted the monk’s class by taking photos of the gold & glass ceiling & generally looking around. The monks sleep all in one room which had pictures of football players on the walls. We then went to a vineyard – Red Mountain – to see how wine is made in Myanmar, to taste some of the wines & to have lunch with a good view. We didn’t think wine tasting was really a good way to see Myanmar, but I quite liked the white “late harvest”. Curtly – no prize for guessing what we bought you! We then went to the dock to take a motorised canoe to our hotel. The trip across the lake was brilliant. We arrived at our hotel, strolled around the local village – it was bath time – & then had dinner at the hotel. I had pizza!!! (I am feeling better today).

Time to learn some Myanmar words:

Hello: min-gàla-ba
Thanks: cè-zù-bèh
My name is Thomas: cãnàw lo k’ aw-ba-deh Thomas

That’s all for today,
P.S. Photos to be posted when the internet speed is better

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