Who had whiskey for breakfast?

Late post – Day 8 Myanmar (28th Dec)

Dear Bloggers,

Today we drove to Mount Popa, and on the way we went to see some stuff being made. First we saw peanut oil being made by a cow walking round & round in circles, harnessed to a kind of pestle & mortar.

Round and round and round and r......

Round and round and round and r……

Then a man climbed up a palm tree up an excellent ladder to collect palm juice, which we then tried – it is a little bit sweet.

IMGP0272 IMGP0275

Then we saw palm sugar being made by boiling it for hours over a wood fire. Dad tried palm sugar whiskey and honey flavoured palm sugar whiskey which was being distilled.

IMGP0280 IMGP0282

& Mum tried a beauty product which is bark made into a paste & is good for skin.

Just like the make-up in Selfridges. Not.

Just like the make-up in Selfridges. Not.

Make-up artist to the stars.

Make-up artist to the stars.

We also stopped off to visit a village


– there were lots of animals, especially piglets.

Keeping warm on the embers.

Keeping warm on the embers.

We saw pigeon peas being harvested.


Next stop was to climb Mount Popa. There were lots of naughty monkeys & we saw one monkey steal a drink from a little boy & drink it out of the can.


Cheeky monkeys

Cheeky monkeys

There were a lot of steps to climb to the top, but we made it! Mount Popa is the core of an old volcano & has temples on the top & stories about 37 nats (or spirits) who lived there.

IMGP0336 IMGP0330

We had lunch at the top of another hill which had a brilliant view of Mount Popa.

We then went to New Bagan & visited a lacquer workshop. We saw how bamboo is made into things & then covered in lacquer (using fingers) & then decorated. 📷

I really liked the gold leaf decorations & a man drew an elephant for me.


We bought a few souvenirs. We watched the sunset at Lawka Okk Shaung pagoda, which was a small pagoda with a narrow staircase inside, where Dad bought a wooden scroll.

IMGP0372 IMGP0354

We met Christa & Keith fordrinks & dinner at our hotel. They have been to Cambodia & Laos & are in Bagan for 2 days.

That’s all for Day 8! Very sorry for the late post.
From, Thomas


  1. Wow, seems you’ve all had a fab Holiday. Benjamin keeps asking me if you have met Kung Fu Panda yet, have you?


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Another fun packed day. You must be fit climbing all those hills. Look forward to the pics.


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