Pagodas? What pagodas?

27 Dec

Engines started up on the RV Paukan 2007 about 6am & off we went again. Another beautiful, sunny day.

Start of a beautiful day

Start of a beautiful day

We reached Bagan by about 10am. The first thing we saw when we disembarked was our hotel. In the itinerary, it said that our guide and driver would take us to our hotel. I think it would have been quicker to walk!
Our first excursion was to see the Bu Lethi pagoda. I decided I was too weak to climb it, because I had been up half the night. Mum and Dad climbed to the top for amazing views of pagodas. Everyone was ordered by the king to build a pagoda in about 1047, when he decided to become Buddhist. Depending on how much money & land you had, you built a suitable size pagoda – all made out of bricks. After an earthquake in 1975 lots of the tops of the pagodas wobbled off, & due the requests for money to the World to restore them, Bagan all of a sudden became interesting to tourists & lots of hotels were built.

_IGP9637 IMGP0210 IMGP0191

We then drove for a small stop at the Nyaung U market – Dad was going to have a hair cut, but the queue was too long.

Our next pagoda visit was to Shwe Zi Gone pagoda. We walked around the outside and it is massive! The top fell off during the 1975 earthquake, but has just been renovated & it is covered in gold leaf.


We then went back to our hotel for lunch and a two hour snooze. I felt better afterwards. Our guide was waiting for us at around 4 o’clock to take us to Ananda temple, which is being renovated by the Indian government. It had no stairs, 1,000 alcoves containing Buddhas & four massive Buddha statues – two are originals -that have changing facial expressions depending on how close you are to them! Mum thought they had duck lips.

IMGP0224 IMGP0226_IGP9655 _IGP9654

10th Century murals.

10th Century murals.


Our final stop today was to another pagoda (Shwe San Daw), which we climbed up to watch the sunset – a really good one tonight.

_IGP9668 IMGP0239
Now we are having cocktails before an early night!


P.S. Sorry about the late posts. Wi-fi has been bad – so photos are coming in a few days.


  1. Great to hear all you news. And don’t worry about the late posts, we were in Andorra and couldn’t get wifi for at week!! Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year ♥


  2. Granny Devon · · Reply

    I expect that you were quite glad to be back in a hotel. It seems that you didn’t sleep very well on the boat which made you feel very tired and it was bad luck that you weren’t very well. Hope it didn’t spoil your day too much.


  3. Granny fixit · · Reply

    I really like pagodas and so you have particularly enjoyed this day of your trip. Again looking forward to your pics.


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