Not a Brussel Sprout to be Seen

Dec 25 Happy Merry Christmas!

Father Christmas came! Not much time to open presents this morning because we had a full day out and about.

First we went to the jade market. Loads of pieces of jade for sale – mostly looked like any old rock but with a bit cut to show it was jade. We also saw jade being polished. We then stopped for tea (roti prata, chick peas). Then we took trishaws to a teak building which had been moved. Then to see the biggest book in the world. Dad took a picture of me inside one building with one marble page. It was 6 inches thick with writing on both sides in a white decorated building. A few minutes later Dad asked where the marble pages were!
We saw all kinds of crafts – gold leaf making, wood carving, embroidery & marble carving.
We then went to see a “living Buddha”. It has layers & layers of good leaf on it, so looks a bit lumpy now. The living Buddha’s name is Su Taung.
We watched the sunset & tried out my new tripod which was brilliant. We left Dad taking pictures for a few minutes & when we found him he had a huge crowd of English students practising their English with him. He looked like a celebrity. Perhaps they thought he was David Beckham!


After breakfast no.220131225-100617-pm.jpg

We went to see a market on a railway line.


When the train comes everybody scatters.


Cyclo ride20131225-101649-pm.jpg20131225-101808-pm.jpg

The World’s biggest book


Christmas lunch




Su Taung



David Beckham


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