Merry Happy Christmas Mr Bormley

Day 4 Myanmar (24 Dec)

We got up incredibly early to catch our plane to Mandalay. It just happened to be the FIRST PROPELLER PLANE that I have EVER been up in! Just before we got on the plane, Dad told me that sometimes the propellers whizz off the wings! I wasn’t that worried though, because it looked like quite a new plane. And Dad often tells MASSIVE LIES.

We arrived at our hotel quite early, while they were still serving breakfast. Which was good, because we were ready for lunch. And our room wasn’t quite ready.
After brunch, we had a rest and a sleep because we had woken up at five o’clock. For our afternoon wanderings, a very friendly taxi driver took us to Shwe In Bin, a monastery constructed entirely out of teak wood. We then went to visit the longest teak bridge in the world! It is very long (1.2 km) and is called the U Bein bridge. We walked halfway and then got a boat back to the “beach”.

In celebration of CHRISTMAS EVE, we had a “Happy Merry Christmas” party at our hotel. They had all sorts of food including pasta, stir fry, rice, prawns on toast, turkey, ham, pork, duck and profiteroles, strawberry tarts and fruit. There was only one thing missing: Brussel Sprouts!
Entertainment was provided by Myanmar’s very own Madonna: Phuy Phuy Kyaw Thein.

Only 46 seats!

20131225-093207 pm.jpg
Our plane was nicely decorated for Christmas.

20131225-092007 pm.jpg
This was a nice touch. Nearly.

20131225-093552 pm.jpg
Shwe In Bin

20131225-094345 pm.jpg
Very cheerful considering she had a sack of stones on her head.

20131225-094707 pm.jpg

20131225-094730 pm.jpg
Amarapura Teak Bridge

20131225-094918 pm.jpg

20131225-095209 pm.jpg

20131225-095330 pm.jpg

20131225-095453 pm.jpg
Myanmar’s Madonna

20131225-095805 pm.jpg

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  1. We didn’t have sprouts either!


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