Shorts and Suntan lotion

Day 2 Myanmar (22nd Dec)

Dear Bloggers,

Today you’ll be hearing all about our first full day in Myanmar!

We woke up at about 9 today! Here was me sitting on the balcony during breakfast.
20131223-064214 pm.jpg

To get our bearings, we took a short walk around the block by our hotel. We walked past the Bangladesh embassy and remembered last weeks fun fact! Then Dad grazed his big toe when he fell off a wobbly paving stone and we had to return to the hotel to mop up the goo!

We then took a taxi to a local market & bought 3 pairs of shorts for me & a Christmas skirt for Dad (a “longi”); and several rolls of sellotape for Mum.

Back at the hotel we met our guide. Our first trip was to the reclining Buddha (Yangon)
20131223-064820 pm.jpg

We then went to our first pagoda – Sule Pagoda
20131223-064603 pm.jpg

We also noticed that There are tiger crossings here, not zebra crossings!

I freed lots of sparrows, which is supposed to be lucky.

We walked around an area with a lot of colonial buildings.
An interesting next stop was for local sweet tea/coffee. We had local cake and an extra cup of green tea. While drinking the tea, Dad found out that his eyesight is failing.
20131223-064152 pm.jpg
20131223-064200 pm.jpg

Sunset at a huge place called Shwedagon Pagoda.

20131223-072059 pm.jpg

20131223-072306 pm.jpg20131223-064719 pm.jpg

There are eight different animals/creatures that correspond to the day (of the week) of your birth. Here is the list:

M Tiger
T Lion
W Morning Elephant with tusks
W Afternoon Elephant without tusks
Th Rat
F Guinea pig
S Dragon
Su Garuda

Dad and I were both born on a Tuesday so we made offerings at the Tuesday corner.

20131223-072717 pm.jpg

There was an old bell with an interesting story: it had been stolen from from the temple by the British when they occupied Burma. They were using the pagoda as a fort because of its elevated position and decided that the bell could be melted down and turned into canons but they managed to drop it into the river and it was lost for thirty years. It is now back where it belongs although a close inspection told me that it was a little damaged!

20131223-075000 pm.jpg

Later on we were supposed to visit Chinatown but that seemed a bit of a strange thing to do for someone from Shanghai so we went to eat at a local place instead. I tried lots of new things at a restaurant called “Feel Myanmar”. It was very delicious.

That’s all for Day 2!


Day 3 Myanmar (23rd Dec) is going to be published on-time or one day late.


  1. Diane Hawkings · · Reply

    What a full and fun packed day. I do like the variety in your shopping needs. Doesn’t the Buddha have big feet. I’m going to research as to which day of the week I was born so that you can visit my pagoda if passing again.

    Granny fixit

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Day 2 seems to have come round very quickly.
    Auntie Hannah was also born on a Tuesday. All her children except Anais were born on a Monday, she was born on a Thursday! (rat)
    I was born on a Friday – I like guinea pigs (they eat them in Peru). And Auntie Sue was born on a Saturday! (dragon).
    Love all your pictures – keep sending them Xx


    1. that make sense, she can be a little rat-bag!!


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