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Day 1 Myanmar (21st Dec)

Dear Bloggers,

For those of you who do not already know, we travelled to Myanmar yesterday for a two week holiday! To make time zones clear, when it is midday in London (12:00 GMT) it is 6:30pm in Myanmar. I am going to try to do daily updates on the blog until the 5th January 2014 (Last daily post). I hope you enjoy them! I am going to use the currently used names – so Rangoon is Yangon, and Burma is Myanmar for anyone who is not up to date (like my Dad).

Day 1: Breakfast in Shanghai/Lunch in Bangkok/Dinner in Yangon

We woke up really early to catch our flight from Pudong airport to Suvarnabhumi airport
(Shanghai to Bangkok). Here was the (quite funny) schedule that I made:

MORNING SCHEDULE – Saturday 21st December

5:00 Wake up, it is a beautiful morning with partly cloudy skies and a
temperature of about -1 degrees C, although the sun will not be up for
another hour and 48 minutes.
5:30 Check passports, log book, tickets and check aeroplane times etc
5:45 Leave Lane 229.
6:45 Arrive at Pudong International airport. Outdoor temperature 0 degrees C and
the sun is nearly up if we are on-time.
8:45 Flight FM839 to Suvarnabhumi.

When it was time to leave, our driver (who had the car and the driving licence) was not there waiting. Instead we had to get a taxi after trying to call him 3 times. After we arrived at the airport, we were checking in when we got a messege from our driver. See chinglish to see it! Of course, being at the airport was Mum’s excuse to go shopping!

This next paragraph might be bit boring –

Mum was trying to find the perfect lip-liner (but they only had too orange or too pink, not brown); on the flight to Bangkok I managed to sleep for about half an hour & I also read and finished the book ‘Russian Roulette’ by Anthony Horowitz. When we arrived, I nearly got us lost by leading the family to the wrong transfer counter (oops), but found the right way in the end. Dad told us then, for the first time, that we were going to be in Bangkok for 5 hours. Oh no! We had a delicious fruit juice stop, then a hunt for some cream for Mum’s neck which hurt. We also bought a book for me (Heroes of Olympus book 1), chocolate for Dad and some ginger for Mum. After that, we started looking for lunch, and found a Thai resaurant for an unusual mixture of food! We then went to Starbucks for a coffee, and Mum said it was the best one she had had in ages. We were finally in warm climate, with temperatures of about 30 degrees outside. Our flight to Yangon was an hour and a half, so I mainly daydreamed and looked out of the window. We landed at a small airport in Yangon with my 118th ever touchdown/my 117th flight. I was the last off the plane mainly because we stopped for this photoshoot:

20131223-071021 am.jpg

We then met our guide (Cho) and left for our hotel. We had drinks & snacks in the famous “Captain’s bar” and then as I was falling asleep in my chair – off to bed.


20131222-085925 pm.jpg

Day 2 in Myanmar (22 December) will be published on 23 December.


  1. Granny fixit · · Reply

    An excellent and informative blog. What an exciting start to your trip to (I’m with Bromley) Burma and Rangoon. Why do you think these countries keep changing names? Is it to confuse old ladies.
    Do hope your Mum found the neck cream she needed – was it for the onset of middle-age?


    1. Burma/Myanmar Was called Burma when the British ruled it, so thats probably something they want to forget about. Rangoon/Yangon was called Yangon before the British ruled it – and they just changed it back! I still like to call it Burma thought …


  2. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Fantastic. You really seem to have started your holiday with a WOW and I think it’s a wonderful idea to write a daily blog, that gives me something special to look forward to. Hope you continue to have a great time Xx.


  3. Should I give the driver another chance?


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