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Dear Bloggers,
This week was my LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL for this term! So, we didn’t do much for the last three days. As the World War 2 showcase day was last Friday, our themed learning topic was finished & we didn’t start the new one this week, mandarin finished on Thursday as well as literacy so on Friday we spent the whole day playing on people’s iPads, as for only one day, gadgets were allowed at school. I also help Mr Shrewsbury with some interior design – we rearranged the classroom for next term. I also took home my school report on Thursday, I was given very good grades and Mum is very proud! I got mostly A’s with three B’s.
Happy Highlights:
– Our Christmas presents from our landlady arrived (the letter we received with it, is in the category “chinglish”) – 2 boxes of apples & 2 tea “pies”
– Good school report
– Lazy week at school
– The last week of school (I have to tell you again)
– Found out that I’m doing all the ECAs (Extra Curricular Activities) I wanted to do next term – they are “Short Tennis” (you don’t have to be short), Production Support and U11 Rugby
– Bought some BISCUITS! (M&S chocolate digestives, which are huge & are totally covered in chocolate)
– Went to a new PIZZA restaurant called D.O.C. – but arrived very late, after stocking up on all our medicines/injections before our holiday – so I was tired, but I think the pizza is in my top 5 in Shanghai
– Watched the film “Hunger Games” because we want to watch the new one which is just out. The whole family liked this film which we rate 4 stars.
– We are going to have a dinner party tonight, which includes ROAST BEEF, YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS, ROAST POTATOES and PARSNIPS (YUM!)
Here is a picture of one of Dad’s experimental Christmas cocktails:
Letter from our landlord:
Fun Facts:
We were researching possible names for Dad’s new cocktail (the final version is now green and red with silver shimmer, not orange) and we were looking at flags that are red and green. There are only 3 countries with flags that are only red and green! They are:
Transnistria (This one has a teeny bit of yellow – a hammer & a sickle & a star)
Unfortunately Dad decided to name it after the punchline to this joke:
– What’s green and turns red at the touch of a button?
– Answer* below (but not for the squeamish)
That’s all for this week!
From Thomas
*Kermit in a liquidiser!


  1. Nice blog! Happy New Yr!
    Were the apples wrapped up? Is that why they are striped?


  2. Granny Devon · · Reply

    A very happy Christmas to you all and I hope you have a lovely holiday.
    I spent a nice few days in France, they all send their love and now they are off skiing in Andorra. I am spending Christmas with A. Sue and will be with
    U. Martin for the New Year.


  3. Merry Christmas Thomas. Max


    1. Merry Christmas Max!


  4. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Enjoyed your blog as usual and very pleased to hear that your school report is good. Well done you. I think you must extract the important points from your landlords letter – happy Christmas; VIP client and booming career.
    Food: The roast dinner sounds delicious. How sensible of M & S to chocolate both sides of digestives.
    Hope to see you on Skype on 25th if poss., but enjoy your holiday..x


    1. Will try to put some Christmas video calls in to family!


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